Irony and Influence: A Presumptive Tale of Pride and Prejudice

In the eyes of the legendary characters from Jane Austen's romantic masterpiece Pride and Prejudice, 19th century England could use a little more spice. Now, author Riley St. Andish takes a closer peek at Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in the racy, rollicking historical romance novel Irony and Influence: A Presumptive Tale of Pride and Prejudice. With wit, passion, and possibly even a happy ending, this wildly inventive spin on a beloved work of literature is certain to enthrall anyone enchanted with the famous lovers. Set in England in 1803, the story portrays young Elizabeth Bennet as a strong-willed, self-taught Oxford girl who is out ot modernize a world that keeps good women down. Enter a tormented elder Mr. Darcy, who happens upon the young Miss Bennet in a bookstore. He is soon confident that her kind of smarts is just the thing to tame his rebellious son Fitzwilliam of his inappropriate lifestyle. In Kent at Easter, the two meet on their own while horseback riding. Falling passionately in love as total strangers, they are ready to wed after a few short days, until their true identities are revealed. Can she help him overcome his problems? Is he ready for her bold stance on women's rights? This ingenious spin on a timeless classic offers new insights on the issues that surround marrying off adult children, while also peering beneath the bed linens to reveal the steamy side of true love. It's sure to delight anyone who loves Pride and Prejudice, or anyone who simply seeks a humorous, heart-pumping good time! (Explicit Content)