Entrega HUB-4U 4-Port USB HUB

This USB hub from Entrega Technologies provides your PC with four additional USB ports for scanners, modems, printers, digital cameras, joysticks, and other items. Entrega hubs are designed for stackability so they can run up to 127 USB peripherals from a single USB port. Dual-color LEDs indicate power and port status. Installation is simple, and there's no need to open the computer. The hub features individually switched ports so that if one device fails, the rest will continue operating. Entrega's auto-recovery technology ensures that if a port shuts down, it will automatically reset itself when a new device is plugged in. Included with the hub are a 2-meter USB cable, an AC power supply, an instruction book, and a full three-year "fix it or replace it" warranty.

Adds 4 additional USB ports
Unlimited expandability
Dual-color LEDs indicate power and port status
Individually switched ports
Auto-recovery technology